The Italian Vermouth with an exotic name ... Italiano

Tasting Notes

Fidel Ernesto’s Vermouth

" It releases unique freshness, a delicious combination of floral and subtle citrus fruit aromas when in contact with ice."
Fidel Ernesto's Vermouth, white vermouth 


"On the rocks" or a cocktail, pre-dinner, at the beach or
happy hour with friends after work.
Also ideal to pair with cheese and dessert.

 Fidel Ernesto's White Vermouth on the Rocks, mint & lemon
Variety of herbs used to make fidel ernesto's vermouth



Straw yellow with grassy green tones.


Blast of freshness, hints of spices, delicate notes of floral, subtle citrus fruit aromas.


 Slightly sweet and herby at first, follow by  notes of fresh, spices and citrus.



Shelf Life

The best tasting notes will last for about 4 weeks after opening. After opening, close and keep refrigerated. 

Extra cap is provided.

Wine Opener & Extra cap for Fidel Ernesto's Vermouth 

Fidel Ernesto’s
"It’s more than just a component of a cocktail, it’s the #1 Vermouth to pour over ice and drink by itself."