The Italian Vermouth with an exotic name ... Italiano

Experience Cigars & Vermouth

For years Filmmakers have taught us how "classy" it is to pair cigars to Cognac...

The usual scenes are about powerful people talking business and creating "strategies" for their next plan... for example Godfather and Scarface. Perhaps this will continue to be the most popular and classy paring for cigars and spirits.

BUT!.... paring Cigars with Vermouth (White Vermouth) is actually "technically perfect" paring.

Make sure you use good quality Vermouth.

Vermouth cleanses and control you palate temperature between cigar puffs.

Vermouth is a blend of white wine with an infusion of many different herbs and alcohol. Try to imagine slight notes of freshness, citrus and herbs as you sip Vermouth on the rocks along with cigar puffs.  It not only lowers your palate's temperature from the heat of the cigar but it also makes you next cigar puff more enjoyable.

"A cigar is as good as the memories you have when you smoked it"

Smoking Cigar and Drinking Fidel Ernsto's Vermouth