The Italian Vermouth with an exotic name ... Italiano

Inside Fidel Ernesto's

From a misty time long ago, in a place where bonhomie flourished, old world craftsman created enchanting works of beauty and culinary delights, comes a rebirth of that most antique and distinguished art – the art of distilled spirits.

Italian by birth, yet internationally acclaimed, this artist considered the thrill of the exotic, the pleasure of things cherished and the fulfillment of dreams to fashion a flavor that recreates a time when things were done right.

Whether you’re stuck inside on a rainy day or enjoying the pleasant caress of the sun on the first day of the rest of your life – this is the right spirit. And with the right spirit, everything is possible.

This new version of the old Montarno’s recipe combines the feel of soft white beach sand, the soothing smell of a Cuban cigar, and is the reward that evokes a sultry and elegant memory.

Fidel Ernesto’s 100% Italian White Vermouth is the spirit that will take you to a place where white linen pants stay creased, where charm and enlightenment rule the day and your dreams are all within reach.

Give us a sip and find out!


Fidel Ernesto

Fidel Ernesto's bottle on sunset