The Italian Vermouth with an exotic name ... Italiano

Funny "Side Effects"

Please enjoy our list of “Side Effects" as we believe everything has a happy side!

Reported Side Effects include:

Sudden refinement and social charm
The ability to speak French, open pickle jars and discuss the novels of Ayn Rand
Electrical know-how and public burp suppression
Improved nine iron game and one handed bra removal
Finger agility and extreme honesty especially when sending messages to exes

If limited dancing skills avoid extreme dances such as Lambada, Russian
Trepak (dare you) and the Argentinian Tango.
If not properly trained avoid singing Opera, Gospel and/or Heavy Metal music.

Fidel Ernesto's Side Effects Warning Sign

Warnings and Precautions  

Not recommended for those with high risk of excessive tipping or hugging.